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Wednesday, December 30, 2020 7:39 AM

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16 Dec 2020

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17 Dec 2020

Armscor Intl - Rock Island Armory

1911 A2 9mm / 22 TCM....Both 9mm and 22TCM barrels are included.  FS Target w/ 2 extra mags (4 Total).  About 400 rounds fired through the 9mm barrel and about 150 through the 22TCM barrel.  Great shooter, does not quite fit the current owners hands.

Cash or PayPal      $720 Local Delivery

CONUS sale only; non-local delivery, buyer pays shipping and FFL Fees (negotiable)

Local delivery is an easy drive from the Atlanta area
that doesn't require me to ship and/or use a FFL


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Kurt Terry

30 Oct 2020

Ad Updated

16 Dec 2020

Savage Striker and extras $1,100

Great for competition or hunting     7mm BR, .311 Neck    Striker receiver  10” Bryant Customs Tapered Barrel with Muzzle Brake

Bushnell 2-6x LER Scope  Palm weight  Color: Purple-ish, sparkly (Color done for my wife)     Includes everything in picture:

  • Redding Die Set (set up for this pistol)
  • 200+ pieces of brass
  • 65 cast rounds
  • Four dummy rounds and a finished piece of brass to use as baseline to check against
  • A couple of accurate recipes worked out by the friend we bought the gun from (he competed successfully with it, but my wife never shot it in competition)
  • Ammo box (with a few rounds ready to fire in it)
  • Case
  • Cash or PayPal Friends and Family transaction. Prefer not to ship.  CONUS Sales Only
Ed Mundy

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