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Tuesday, March 14, 2023 6:59 AM

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28 Feb 2023
1. MOA 3 barrel matched set, SS, 6BR, 6.5BR, 25x39, plus barrel changing tool, 85 rds loaded 6BR fireformed, 16 rounds 6.5BR. Open sights, hood, upgraded foreend. $900 for all, plus shipping, FFL costs. Money order. Have lots of pix. All in excellent condition.

2. 6mm Bench Rest 3 die set: 
RCBS three die set used very little, original owner. Neck sizer, purchased separately, and added to the two die set box. Full length sizer, seater dies also. 90$ plus shipping. SOLD


3. 6.5mm Bench Rest 3 die set: RCBS three die set used very little, original owner. Neck sizer, purchased separately, and added to the two die set box. Full length sizer, seater dies also. 90$ plus shipping. SOLD


4. Anschutz Exemplar XIV with Bomar/Bonds: Excellent condition "made in West Germany", left hand bolt, one magazine, 5 round. Comes with the rear weight, which is on a threaded rod and the weight can be adjusted to front/rear to change effective weight. It can also be removed and not used at all. $1000 (Money order) plus cost for FFL to FFL transfer and shipping.  SOLD


5. 25 TCU barrel, BoMar Sights, dies: Pristine 10 inch TC contender barrel in 257 TCU, also known as 25 TCU. If you are interested in this barrel/die/sights package. $450 plus shipping for the package.  SOLD


6. 7mm Bench Rest dies: Great condition, with Neck Sizing Die, Full Length Die, Seater; RCBS. 80$ for the set, plus shipping. Money order.


7. 6.5 JDJ barrel, dies, brass package: SS bead blasted SSK industries barrel in 6.5 JDJ.  Recessed target crown, beautiful condition with less than 200 rounds through barrel; Magna-ported ($115); TSOB rail mount with 6 slots, 6 screws to barrel; 2 die set, Group G, RCBS, also in great condition; 84 loaded rounds with Nosler Partition hunting bullets; 38 fire formed pieces of brass in addition to the loaded rounds.  Based on 225 Winchester cases.  This is a real shooter in a great caliber, all in a 14 inch barrel length. ported package.  Money order.  SOLD

George Brown

(423) 676-5291 (cell)


18 Feb 2023

Shooting Box:  Box will be disassembled for shipment (if necessary); Buyer will need to re-assemble.

“Pristine, like-new condition. Finished with several coats of Danish oil. Felt trimming on the resting grooves and tray bottom. Fittings on the back to hold a cleaning rod. Also there is a name plate I got from PETSMART with my name and IHMSA number. So the buyer could simply go to PETSMART and reprint their own name plate.”


Pictures:  Box1Box2Box3

$150  $100 + $20 Shipping & Packing for Region 2....Payment via USPS Money Order

Rob Cook


"Text Only - Please"


15 Feb 2023
  1. Nesika 6.5mm Lapua Benchrest:  This is a 1 of 1 and will not be duplicated by Nesika. Swithc Sight Gun w/ Leupold 2.5 - 8 Pistol scope/Lansing Iron Sights.  Mike Dewey Trigger.  Comes with several hundred pieces of brass & 2 boxes of Sierra 142 Gr bullets, 500/box......$3000
  2. MOA Flutted 7BR: Rebarreled by Richard Mertz for the RCBS Bore Rider cast bullet.  Richard Mertz design flat, wide forend. Comes with several hundred pieces of brass and Leadhead cast bullets....$1000
  3. T/C in 25-20 Win:  Great Field Pistol gun; w/Ken Light Midrise mount, 10" blue barrel and a Bushnell 1.75 - 4 Turkey Scopee.....$900Champion    S O L D
  4. Anschutz Exemplar Mid Grip:  Conversion done by Kevin Randolph of Texas.  Mike Dewey Trigger and a Leupold 2.5 - 8 Pistol Scope. Scope has upgrade by Leupold Custom Shop to include Target Turrets and is marked in yards......$1200  S O L D
  5. T/C 357 Max barrdel:  10" Blue, comes w/ Burris 1.5 - 4 Pistol Scope.......$250 S O L D

- Pictures available upon Request -

CONUS sales only.........Seller and buyer will negoiate any shipping and transfer fees.

Steve Ware




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