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To participate at any IHMSA sanctioned match; you must have, as a minimum the following equpiment and observe all Safety Rules as directed by the Match Director:

  • Safety Glasses, which MUSTbe worn at all times on the Firing Line during firing periods
  • Hearing Protection MUST be worn at all times on the Firing Line during firing periods and is highly recommended for areas adjacent to the Firing Line at all times
  • All Spectators / Spotters, MUST observe the same rules as the shooters while they are on the Firing Line
  • Firearms must always be pointed in a safe direction; except when they are empty [chamber open] and being transported to another position or off the line
  • During Cease Fire Periods; all Firearms MUST be empty and the action / breech open as to provide immediate confirmation the firearm is empty
  • Firearms MAY NOT be handled during a Cease Fire Period; other than to transport to another shooting position or off the line
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